Covid-19: return of the lockdown

I was planning to write a post confirming the Tier 3 arrangements.  Best laid plans and all that.
I can confirm that for the next three days, up to and including November 4th, that any living in Nottinghamshire can play at Musters.  The whole county is being classed as one Tier 3 area, and so that messy business about living outside of Rushclffe has been made a little easier (though not for those of you who don’t live in Nottinghamshire).
However, from 5th November it is all change again.  Quite how things will be changing, I am not yet sure.  The LTA are making the case to the government that tennis should be allowed to continue outdoors, with singles between members of different households, 1-2-1 coaching and use by people in the same household.  The situation regarding tennis should be clarified in the next couple of days, and then there will be more updates on the website.

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